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Our Mission

We believe that children learn through play, hands-on experiences, and benefit tremendously from time in the great outdoors. Our mission is to provide children with a balance between free play and enrichment activities to encourage independence and the joy in joining together as a group. 

Our qualified and caring staff of early childhood educators are committed to providing play and nature-based learning experiences in a safe, clean, and welcoming home-like environment. We are proud to have a spacious 1/2 acre fenced in grassy play yard, with plenty of outdoor loose parts to play with! Our children and their families are also hands on with our organic vegetable and herb garden. Greenway children enjoy the beauty of every season outdoors - from the fall foliage and harvest, to fun in the snow, birdwatching in the spring, and water play in the summer! Our motto is "there's no such thing as bad weather!" 


Curriculum at Greenway: Research consistently points to several common elements that are characteristic of the way that young children learn. In our Greenway classrooms both indoor and outdoor, children use play as a medium for exploring and manipulating their physical environment.  The integration of new knowledge is best assured when children are actively engaged and when learning experiences align with their interests, individual strengths and learning styles. Our classrooms implement an Emergent curriculum, aligned to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Emergent curriculum is based on the premise that children are most successful at learning when curriculum experiences account for their interests, strengths, needs, and lived realities. Our educators use observations of children throughout their day as a tool for constructing curriculum content. Meaningful learning opportunities are then provided in support of key developmental skills relevant to a specific age group. Our educators report the following benefits of emergent curriculum:

  • Children’s interests serve as the basis for lesson planning;

  • Expression of individual strengths and knowledge;

  • Unique learning needs are supported;

  • Curriculum content is an extension of home/family life;

  • Increased parental involvement is encouraged and;

  • Diversity is celebrated in its fullest form.

Family engagement as well as daily communication are very important to us! We utilize the Brightwheel app, so families can stay up to date throughout their child's day. We want our families to feel as though they are part of the daily action here at Greenway! Some of the fun family-focused events we have are our Autumn Lantern Walk, and our Spring Holi Celebration!


Eco-Healthy Childcare: In every season, our children become caretakers of our garden, from seed to table! We learn and play the "green way" by using recycled materials for art projects, and bringing nature into our classrooms. We open our windows to allow in fresh air, and provide healthy kid-friendly snacks. Our center also has a Pristine Air Purification Germicidal/Oxidizing System installed, which operates 24/7. Our center holds a current (2024-2026) Eco-Healthy Child Care® Endorsement. 


Greenway Early Learning Center, LLC is fully licensed and certified with the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL)/ PA Department of Human Services. Our center holds a current STARS 2 certification, and can provide care for up to 32 children complying with Pennsylvania state teacher-student ratios. 

Contact us today for more information and to schedule a tour!

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